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Did you know that 85 percent of Web users rely on search engines to find information? Make it easier for your site to the top search engines will help surfers to find your site.
Whether your site can be easily found by search engines depend on two main ways
  • Directories (such as Yahoo directory, Google directory, DMOZ etc. )-mostly man edited
  • Spiders or Crawlers (such as: Goglebot, Inktomi Slurp, MSNbot, Hotbot) - they are programs and check the content of your site and index the site according to relevant content found and the site's technical performance (i.e., no broken links).
Therefore, your strategies will be:
  1. Registering your site: to register as many directories as you can, some of them are free, but some of them are paid services.
  2. Optimizing your site:
  • make sure that your site is properly linked and uploaded.Otherwise your site will be ranked at the bottom of the search results lists and ignored by most people.Search engines determine popularity in part by how many sites are linked to yours.
  • add a title to each page and meta tag (some engines are still using meta tags) to your pages.
  • add key words and choose your keywords carefully, for help in picking keywords, you can use tools like those offered by Wordtracker and Overture.
   3. Build links with other sites
  • "reciprocal links"-exchange links with other sites, the best links will be from sites similar to yours in content with high PR value, however evry link will be helpful, especially for newly built site. You can also buy and sell text link to promote your site from
Pay -Per-Click Search Engine Promotion
Top players are:
Another great way to attract targeted traffic is through Pay-Per-Click Search Engines. It will be the most effective way but there is no free lunch. click the links at the right to find more.

Yahoo - Overture
Google - AdWord

Once you have done those, you are on the way to make a fortune from your website.
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