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Materials Science and Engineering: An Introduction
By William D. Callister

-- Bestselling textbook (6TH BK&CDR, pub. 2002)
Composite Materials: Design and Applications
It is a comprehensive, well-illustrated reference and text on composite materials and structures and suitable for senior / graduate and professional engineers.

Advanced Technology for Design and Fabrication of Composite Materials and Structures: -- Applications to the Automotive, Marine, Aerospace and Construction Industry.
Mechanics of Composite Materials
This textbook and reference introduces the basic concepts of the mechanical behavior of composite materials and laminated composite structures.

Braiding Pultrusion Technology: For Advanced Structural Composites
It delivers valuable insights on kinematic characteristics of the braiding process, calculation methods for the force parameters of the molding process, methods for selecting an efficient pultrusion process. (pub. 2004)

Analysis of Composite Structures
This book seeks to identify the basis of calculations concerned with composite structures. It uses continuum mechanics to facilitate the treatment of more elaborate theories... (pub. 2004)

Behavior of Structures Composed of Composite Materials
A textbook for engineering students that examines mechanical characteristics of structural components composed of composite materials.
Thermosets and Composites (Dec. 2003)
Thermoplastic Composite Materials (1991)
Fatigue in Composite Materials (Dec.2003)
Natural Fibers, Plastics and Composites - cover the properties and applications of fibers from natural sources, natural plastic and matrix materials, and composites from natural fibers and plastics.(Oct.2003)
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Composites Manufacturing: Materials, Product and Process Engineering
presents a fundamental classification of processes, helping you understand where a process fits within the overall scheme and which process is best suited for a particular component.
-December 2001
Introduction to Composite Materials Design
Applies structural analysis and design concepts learned earlier in the curriculum, such as the strength of materials, are used to illustrated the design of composite beams, plates, and shells. -November 1998
Handbook of Composites - Second Edition - December 31, 1997
This second edition covers technologies for all new materials as well as modeling, characterization and testing techniques. All resin systems in current use are covered as well as speciality resins such as BMIs and cyanates, newer high-temperature resins and thermoplastics.
Composite Materials
By Deborah D.L. Chung
An essential reference source for materials scientists, composite engineers and mathematicians alike, with a new vibrant yet functional approach, fills a need for both students and practitioners. - April 2003
Materials for Electronic Packaging
By Deborah D.L. Chung (Editor)
Government and academic researchers present 16 self-contained tutorial chapters that examine all aspects of electronic packaging from a materials perspective, a shadowy area to most workers in the field whose education is in electrical engineering.
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