A Technology-Driven Composite Engineering Consulting Company.

Opportunities at J & J M

J & J Mechanic is building an alliance of partnerships with consultants on many levels. The company is growing and gearing up in anticipation for contracts in both public and private sectors.. J & J Mechanic has currently several full time or part time contract-consultant positions open for qualified business and technology consulting professionals with demonstrated abilities and applicable experience.

J & J Mechanic is specifically seeking composite designers, engineers, project managers, and outside sales representatives, international business representative as well as qualified proposal / grant writers and technical translators/interpreters.

J & J Mechanic is constantly searching for ways to expand its business horizons. It's a tribute to the struggle and efforts of all our people working together to expand our existing market-position, to leverage our collective experience, and to grow and foster the best possible team to serve business, industry and academia. To help us continue our effort in providing high quality business solutions, we strive to select the most talented partners.

Interested parties are encouraged to submit a resume and/or credentials to jobs@jjmechanic.com All reasonably qualified applicants will be reviewed for further consideration.

Key services

Offshore Manufacturing
Contract / order to make manufacturing, Joint Venture...

Product Sourcing
Import, Outport...
Web Development
Web design, setup, maintenance..
We Do It For You, Cost Less
Set Up Display, Trade Show, in North America , China, Composite Business Trip...
Technical Translation
English and Chinese services for engineering, documents, websites...
Advertising, Promoting Your Business, Products, Web Sites...
Web Resources
Friendly Links, Useful tools, Page Ranking, Site Ranking, Link exchanges...
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