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Useful tools help you tracking, analyzing investments and the markets.

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Give users detailed information on any fund

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Hot stocks, earnings, analyst ratings and economic reports.

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Morningstar.com's Instant X-Ray

Instant X-Ray analyzes your holdings the way only Morningstar can. To use Instant X-Ray, enter ticker symbols and specify an allocation for each holding.

Currency exchange rate
The given values on this site are gathered from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, representing the 12 noon buying rates...


10 Simple Rules for Buying Stocks
These buy rules are based on exhaustive studies of the factors that best predict a successful stock run.

10 reasons to take control of your spending
Taking control of spending is absolutely necessary if you want to avoid problem debt. So here's my list of the top 10 debt-causing attitudes. More.

Where The Real Internet Money Is Made
Advertising on the Web could top $9 billion this year -- and there are lots of ways investors can profit from the trend. More...

How The U.S. Can Compete With India And China

The Bush Factor
What his plans for Social Security and taxes mean for your portfolio


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