Our mission is to help small to medium composites engineering and manufacturing companies in North America who are interested in benefiting from China’s skilled and inexpensive work force but have no intention to move to China for manufacturing purposes. We will provide our expertises and our partners' world class composites manufacturing services in China at a fraction of U.S. and Canada costs to help them to maintain the marketability and competitency of their relatively labor-intensive products made of composites materials.


We provide comprehensive support for your company needs to fulfill its cost-saving manufacturing goals. We can

  • Manufacture your existing or newly designed/developed products by our world-class manufacturing partners in China.
  • Source world-class manufacturers and screen suppliers in China to find fiber & fabric materials or composites products with high quality and the lowest price.
  • Assist building Joint Ventures and help overcome the culture barrier.
  • Help product development, design and training.
  • Conduct various materials, component testing and analysis
  • Provide special needed IT services for small to medium composite companies.
  • Aassist you in moving to China for manufacturing purposes.
  • Assist marketing your products to China market.

J & J Mechanic and its partners logistics support can help manage raw material and finished product movements to and from the United States, Canada and China. We can manage all regulatory and reporting functions associated with China and U.S., Canada customs.

Our expertises in both Composite materials and Information technologies enable us to help move small to medium composite companies to the world wide web quickly and exposure them to the whole world at a small cost. We can also help them to handle business-to-business and e-commerce needs.

Key services

Offshore Manufacturing
Contract / Custom manufacturing, Order to make , Joint Venture...

Product Sourcing
Porcument, Import, Export...
Materials Consulting
Selection, Testing, Application, Manufacturing...
Custom Tooling & Mold Design
Tooling design and manufacturing in China for injection molds, compression molds, overmolding and molds for investment casting.
Technical Translation
English and Chinese services for engineering, documents, websites...
Advertising, Promoting Your Business, Products, Web Sites...
Web Resources
Friendly Links, Useful tools, Page Ranking, Site Ranking, Link exchanges...
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