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Composite Manufacturers:
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USA Companies
3M Composites - Worldwide manufacturer of Nextel ceramic fiber textiles and composite solutions including metal matrix and polymer composites, and epoxy bonding adhesives for the aerospace industry.
Aim Composites PLC - Composite and honeycomb specialists. Design and consultancy.
Fiberglass Molding and Engineering - Engineers in the art and science of fiberglass molding and fabrications. From large animals and lighthouses to van covers and spas, also custom parts [NC].
Urethane Products Corp. - A leading manufacturer of high performance fenders, resilient buoys and floatation foams for the marine industry [CA].
L&S Composites, Inc. has been providing the aerospace, industrial, and commercial marketplaces for over twelve years [MS].
Canada Companies
Canadian Commercial Vehicles - Custom manufacturing of honeycomb structures, sandwich panels of polypropylene sheets, fabricated metal products for transport, construction and industrial applications.
Composites Atlantic, Ltd - Canada. Design and manufacture of advanced composites for aircraft, space, defense and commercial products.
Comtek Advanced Structures Ltd - Repair engineering and manufacturing of aircraft structural parts made from advanced composite materials.[ Burlington, Ontario]
Asia Companies
Zhongshan Pulwell Composites Co. Ltd. - Pultrude sections using glass and carbon fiber in polyester, vinyl ester and epoxy. [Guangdong, CHINA]
Glassfibre & Allied Industries - Polyester, Epoxy and Polyimide resin based, fiberglass reinforced laminates, rods, tubes, for electrical insulating material. [Mumbai, India]
Europe Companies
EPO Fasern GmbH - Produce prepregs for industrial applications, especially based on large tows. UD and fabric using E-glass, R-glass, carbon and aramid. Epoxy and phenolic. [Willich, Germany]
Chelton Applied Composites - Development, design and manufacturing of Composite parts. FW, HLU and RTM. Thermoset resins reinforced with boron, glass, carbon and aramid. [Sweden]
Rest of the World
Composite Spars & Tube - Filament winder of composite spars and tubing for marine and industrial usage, including carbon fiber, fibreglass, aramids and PBO [NSW, Australia]

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