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Composite Manufacturing Technologies:

Composite materials have been gaining important industrial and commercial applications world widely and they were developed because they can offer unique properties (lightweight, high strength and stiffness, chemical and corrosion resistance, tailoriable electrical and thermal properties, etc.) which no single homogeneous structural material could be found that had all the desired attributes for a given application. However, due to its composition complexity of a composite material, its final properties are not only depending on the properties of component materials (matrices, reinforcements, fillers and additives) used, but also significantly on the way it was fabricated as well as equipments, technologies and people skills.

Although the fabrication and application of composite materials by human being could be tracked back to ancient times conceptually, the technologies for fabricating composite materials or advanced composites we refereed to nowadays are young and still under development and improvement. Compared to conventional homogeneous materials (such as metals, plastics etc.), the manufacturing techniques for composite materials are more demanding and more sophisticated. New tools, new techniques and highly skilled workers are required.

In this section, a few of the commonly used composite fabrication were introduced, the resources of current main composite manufacturers, main materials suppliers and main equipment and software manufacturers and suppliers are also provided. Books on each production technique are also given for readers who want to go further for details on each particular manufacturing technique.

The relatively small demand, high initial investing on new manufacturing facilities, labor intensive and highly skilled workers needed for manufacturing composite, there is a strong need to identify and to develop low-cost composite materials with high-speed manufacturing techniques.


Recommended Book

Advanced Composites Manufacturing combines cutting-edge coverage of the scientific fundamentals of composites processing with an in-depth treatment of the major manufacturing processes for advanced composite materials. Complete with important information on such key issues as new processing areas, manufacturing process control, deformation forming, and cost-control strategies, this unique reference is essential reading for materials scientists, researchers, and engineers across a range of industry sectors.

  Advanced Composites Manufacturing
Advanced Composites Manufacturing

J & J Mechanic and its manufacturing partners in China can manufacture customized composite products very cost effective with state-of-the-art manufacturing equipments of several manufacturing methods, highly skilled engineers and technical workers. We can also provide custom tooling and mold design, prototype, testing and CUSTOM manufacturing for your applications with high quality and low cost.


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