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Custom Tooling and Mold Design
Custom Tooling and Mold Design

J & J mechanic and its partners specializes in manufacturing cost-effective custom injection molding and custom design tooling in China for injection molded plastic parts, compression molds, overmolding and molds for investment casting. Innovative tooling solutions such as our CAD plastic injection molding designer services in China, our tooling manufacturing in China, and tooling for export program ensures a low up front cost, high quality solution for your next tooling project. The large amount of skilled labor that goes into most tooling & mold projects gives our Asian moldmakers a major advantage over the very expensive labor market in the North America and Europe .  
automobile mold
air outlet mold
  J & J Mechanic and its partners staffed with the most skillful and experienced individuals and equipped with the latest hardware and software, have the capabilities to ensure your ideas are transformed into products quickly and efficiently. Our design staff is made up of not only design engineers but also mold-makers, mold designers and product designers. This combination of knowledge and experience makes us one of the best custom tooling manufacturers in China, specializing in tool and die design and tooling for export.   We can manufacture tools that are multi-cavity molds, unscrewing molds, closure molds, hot-runner molds, and stack molds.




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